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It’s Fair Time! Franklin County Agricultural Fair Scheduled

The sixth annual Franklin County Agricultural Fair will be taking place September 18th-21st on the grounds of the Franklin County Recreation Park in Rocky Mount. The event boasts a full lineup of attractions including pageants, concerts, exhibitions, rides, food, and more!

Musical acts scheduled to perform on the Harvester Stage include The Worx, Harwell Grice, and Five Mile Mountain Band. This year introduces daily entertainment provided by local talent as part of the community stage. Another popular attraction is “K9s in Flight: Frisbee Dog Dock-Diving Show” where canines compete for top honors, as well as a petting zoo, pony rides, and midway rides.

Gate admission for those aged 11 and up is $5, and those aged 10 and under are free. Wristbands for unlimited rides are $10. Hours of admission are 5p-10p Wednesday-Friday and 12p-11p on Saturday.

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Which is More Important: List Price or List Timing?

If you’ve made the decision to put your home on the market, you may be tempted to hold off depending on the time of year. Opinions regarding when prospective buyers are most tempted to buy may surface from every source, causing you to hold off on moving forward in hopes of snagging the sights of the most motivated buyers. However, experts state that the time of year in which you list your home is less important than your home’s listing price.

Given the ability for buyers to research listings from anywhere at any time, experts agree that timing isn’t as important of a factor as it used to be. However, a fairly priced home in a competitive market is appealing year-round.

Bottom line: work with your real estate agent to price your home competitively and pay less attention to the season.

Source: RISMedia, Listing Price vs. Listing Time: Which is More Important

How to Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

You’re excited to move into your new home, but the panic of packing up your current living situation is causing grave anxiety. Relocating is stressful, so taking the time to make the moving process goes smoothly will keep the entire ordeal in check. Below are a few tips to help get you on track.

Know Your Stuff
Chances are, you have a lot more things to pack than you realize. Take inventory of what you have before you hire movers or risk having more items to transport than the company is contractually obligated to move. If you’re moving your items yourself, you’ll need to have an accurate idea of how many trips you’ll need to make between points A and B in order to get all of your belongings moved. If you have more trips to make than you anticipated, you may run out of daylight and your helpers may run out of patience.

Measure Your Doorways
You may have assumed that your fluffy couch would fit perfectly through the front door, but surprise! It doesn’t. Now you have a couch on your porch, which is not ideal. Take measurements before moving your large furniture so you know beforehand what you need to take with you and what you may need to sell or donate.

Don’t wait too late to transfer your utilities or you may not have electricity, water, or gas in your new home. Also, transfer your mail so you’re not having to run back to your previous residence to pick up your bills.

Source: 3 Common Moving Nightmares (and How to Prevent Them),