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What is Title Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Title Insurance protects property owners and mortgage lenders against issues that might arise with a title whenever there is transfer of ownership. If a title dispute comes up during a sale, your title insurance company may be responsible for covering legal damages.

When you begin the process of obtaining title insurance, the title company (or an attorney) researches real estate records to make sure that there are no issues with the title. Examples may include undisclosed heirs to the property, unpaid taxes, or pending legal action. This is to ensure that the title is clean and that the seller truly owns the property and has rights to sell it. Homebuyers usually need both an owner’s policy and a lender’s policy.

Some examples of issues that could potentially cause issues with your title are: forgery, errors in documents or surveys, misinterpretation of wills and trusts, heirs born after the execution of a will, and incorrect indexing of land records.


Source: Chicago Title Insurance Company, “Why You Need Owner’s Title Insurance.”

2019 Design Trends

If you’re thinking about performing updates to your home this spring, consider these following design trends that are trending high for 2019.

What’s In

Modern Interior Design: Design professionals are still leaning toward modern lines and clean aesthetics over rustic style. However, we’re moving away from highly contrasting black-and-white and incorporating natural elements like wood paneling and richly colored fabrics.

Smart Homes: Homeowners are choosing to modernize their homes with more voice-activated technology that’s compatible with Google, Amazon, and Apple. The trick is to make sure that this technology is seamlessly integrated into the existing home.

Quiet Retreats: Even though we’re becoming more automated, homeowners are beginning to incorporate more meditative and sound-cancelling features that help you unplug from the noise. Design professionals are integrating acoustic panels, colored lights, and sheer fabrics to create a relaxing, spa-like retreat.

What’s Out

Fixer-Upper Farmhouse Chic: We’re moving away from reclaimed barn wood and moving toward glass and metal. Edison bulbs will be replaced with concealed lighting creating a more relaxed glow. And brushed brass and matte black are making a comeback.

Bold, Bright Colors: Trendy colors like millennial pink are being trumped by neutral blues, ivories, and grays. If you need a pop of color in your décor, consider purchasing throw pillows, blankets, or rugs in bright colors that complement neutrals.


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Springtime Events at Smith Mountain Lake

The weather is warming up (slightly, but we’ll take it!) and the Smith Mountain Lake community is showing signs of springtime planning. Update your calendar with these not-to-be-missed events.

Vinton Dogwood Festival

April 25-28, 2019

Just over the mountain is the lovely town of Vinton, and 2019 marks the 64th year of The Vinton Dogwood Festival. Enjoy family-friendly entertainment which includes a parade, carnival, craft show, food court, concerts, and more.

SML Business Expo

May 3, 2019, 12p-5p

In its 16th year, the SML Business Expo allows members of the Smith Mountain Lake community to learn about local business and all they have to offer. The event is held at the Smith Mountain Lake YMCA.

Smith Mountain Lake Brews & Tunes Festival

May 4, 2019, 1p-7p

Taste samples from 20 local and regional craft breweries and cideries representing 60 craft beers. Live music and food vendors on site. This is a rain or shine event and children under 6 are free. Located at the Smith Mountain Lake YMCA.

Gretna Strawberry and Wine Festival

May 11, 2019, 11a-6p

Enjoy a variety of strawberry dishes, wine tastings, and live music. The event is held at 405 North Main Street in Gretna.

Tom Maynard Memorial Poker Run

May 18, 2019

This fundraising event gives players the opportunity to play poker on the water! Boats travel to seven card stops located around Smith Mountain Lake to retrieve a playing card. Once finished, each player presents their five best cards to be eligible for prizes! The first player to get four aces receives $5000.00. There is also a $1500 prize for the best hand, $500 for second best, and $250 for third.

To learn more about this event, visit

Smith Mountain Lake Invitational Golf Tournament

June 7, 2019


This annual event has become one of the most popular business networking events of the season. Showcase your business or entertain your clients with a relaxing day on the one Smith Mountain Lake’s most beautiful courses.