If you’re thinking about performing updates to your home this spring, consider these following design trends that are trending high for 2019.

What’s In

Modern Interior Design: Design professionals are still leaning toward modern lines and clean aesthetics over rustic style. However, we’re moving away from highly contrasting black-and-white and incorporating natural elements like wood paneling and richly colored fabrics.

Smart Homes: Homeowners are choosing to modernize their homes with more voice-activated technology that’s compatible with Google, Amazon, and Apple. The trick is to make sure that this technology is seamlessly integrated into the existing home.

Quiet Retreats: Even though we’re becoming more automated, homeowners are beginning to incorporate more meditative and sound-cancelling features that help you unplug from the noise. Design professionals are integrating acoustic panels, colored lights, and sheer fabrics to create a relaxing, spa-like retreat.

What’s Out

Fixer-Upper Farmhouse Chic: We’re moving away from reclaimed barn wood and moving toward glass and metal. Edison bulbs will be replaced with concealed lighting creating a more relaxed glow. And brushed brass and matte black are making a comeback.

Bold, Bright Colors: Trendy colors like millennial pink are being trumped by neutral blues, ivories, and grays. If you need a pop of color in your décor, consider purchasing throw pillows, blankets, or rugs in bright colors that complement neutrals.


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