If you were planning on buying a home this year, you may have had to reevaluate your options during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you were fortunate to keep your job, your partner may not have been so lucky. With schools and childcare shut down, you may have your little ones perpetually in tow. And with remote work becoming the norm, you may have to set up a home office so that you can continue working.

Our lifestyles are changing. As such, your must-have new home criteria should be updated as well. Consider the following tips when searching for your new home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Do You Need Extra Space?
Before the pandemic, the thought of a home office, gym, or recreational room may not have been on your list, but with more employees working from home, having the extra space has been upgraded from an extra to a necessity.

Converting an extra room into a home office will allow you to have dedicated space in your home to concentrate. Having a basement that can be renovated into a larger living space will give your kids room to play, allowing you to focus on work-from-home duties. The extra space can also serve as accommodations for parents should they need to live with you during the pandemic.

Even though gyms are beginning to reopen, it may be difficult for you to leave home for an extended amount of time. A spare bedroom, basement, or garage can serve as an excellent location for a small home gym. If you enjoy jogging and walking, you may opt for a home in the suburbs or rural area where there is plenty of space to explore while also staying safe.

Communicate with Your Realtor
If you need to have reliable internet access for remote work, or a separate living space for parents or in-laws, speak up and let your agent know. They will refine your search and help you find the home that best supports your adjusted lifestyle. Whatever you do, don’t assume that things will go back to normal and buy a house for the life you had pre-pandemic. Remote work and staycations are becoming a mainstay, so plan for the future and purchase a home that supports your needs.