Did you know that, on average, sellers receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home? Staging helps prospective buyers easily visualize themselves in your home, which may increase interest and motivate them to make an offer.

But you don’t have to break the bank to stage your home. In fact, many tried and true methods of home staging only require minimal investment and elbow grease. Below are the top five rules for staging your home on a budget:

Rule #1: De-Personalize

You’ve undoubtedly collected sentimental items over the years, and have them proudly displayed throughout your home. However, when the time comes to put your home on the market, it’s best to pack up those belongings and allow each room to breathe neutrality.

Rule #2: De-Clutter

Buyers will open every door they can, and that includes cabinets, refrigerators, and closets. A clean space evokes a sense of calm, whereas a disorganized mess evokes chaos. Take the time to clean out your closets. Upgrade your hangers from the basic wire variety to wooden ones. Color coordinate your bedding, curtains, and pillows. Now is also a good time to repaint your rooms to a neutral color. For bathrooms and kitchens, clean up your countertops and display the essentials: soap, hand-towels, etc. Wipe down your cabinets and handles. Box up your shot glass and state magnet collection. Your cabinets should have neatly stacked plates and glasses with plenty of space.

Rule #3: Clean

Empty your dishwasher and make sure that your sink is clean and clear. Wipe down your walls and dust around your doorways and baseboards. If your faucets and hardware are rusty or grimy, replace them or remove them and clean them well. Replace shower curtains and liners. If you have a shower door, scour them with a solution of one-part muriatic acid and 10 parts water. Clean your floors, shine up the hardwood, and vacuum your rugs.

Rule #4: Update

If there are elements of your home that are clearly out of date, replace them. Unless they’re in the market for a fixer-upper, buyers are probably not interested in investing in upgrades. This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase brand new cabinets, but you can replace the hardware and apply a fresh coat of paint.

Rule #5: Polish

Set the dining room table and add fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Allow natural light to enter the home by opening the shades and curtains. This creates an illusion of a bigger space. Also consider using plants as focal points in larger, emptier rooms.


Source: The Five Golden Rules of Home Staging on a Budget, www.RISmedia.com