For people thinking about moving from the Northeast to Smith Mountain Lake, one of the biggest questions they have is about the weather. They want to know what the average temperatures are, and how things compare to the climate in the Northeast—as well as the temperatures in the rest of the South.

The great thing about Smith Mountain Lake weather is that the area still has all four seasons, but without the extremes of other regions. At SML, you can enjoy a temperate climate that ranges from around 40 to 80 degrees, yet still has four distinct seasons. Much further south, some of that seasonal variation is lost to hotter weather.

Just enough winter

In the Northeast, winters can be harsh. Many people, especially retirees, move south to escape frigid temperatures and tons of snow—but they may not want to skip winter entirely. They just don’t want so much of it.

Smith Mountain Lake is the perfect area to enjoy just enough winter. Daytime temperatures average around 41 degrees, and the average snowfall is about 10 inches for the whole year. The snow only sticks around for a day or two when it comes. That’s enough to indulge your nostalgia and enjoy the beauty of a snow-covered landscape, without having to spend weeks at a time shoveling and shivering.

Splendid spring and fall

In some climates, the seasons can blend together. Smith Mountain Lake enjoys distinct spring and fall seasons, with the glorious greenery of spring and the breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves.

The average temperature range for both spring and fall is around 60 to 70 degrees, making the weather comfortably pleasant for most of the year. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy during these seasons, like the Smith Mountain Lake Fall Chili and Craft Festival.

Summer at Smith Mountain Lake

Of course, summer is the peak season at the lake. Many people maintain summer or vacation homes, and everyone gets to enjoy all the activities and relaxation available on and around the waters of the beautiful, pristine lake.

Summer temperatures typically fall between 70 and 80, with an average of 73 degrees. It’s rarely too hot at Smith Mountain Lake to enjoy everything this area has to offer!

So if you’re thinking of retiring to Smith Mountain Lake, or buying a vacation or second home, now is the time to check out all the lake access and lakefront properties available at great prices. Contact Debbie today to learn more about Smith Mountain Lake real estate.