Smith Mountain Lake can offer a wide variety of lot types. Therefore, it is important that you as a buyer utilize every tool available to you in the search process. Below is a Four Item Checklist that You Need to utilize when Searching for a Waterfront Lot:

1. Search the Database of Waterfront Lots
In today’s technologically advanced world, you need a website that quickly and easily puts the lots that you’re looking for right in front of you. My website can provide access to all of the Smith Mountain Lake listings currently on the market with the ability to hone in your search by specific property types. This full service website is able to provide more than just a plain vanilla land search on as it is much more categorized and specific as well as area inclusive.

2. County GIS Websites and Google Maps
Geographic Information Systems, or otherwise known as GIS can provide fantastic search opportunities throughout interactive mapping sites, as well as a database search function. You can easily find more information on a specific parcel simply by searching by any of the following characteristics:
• Address
• Street name
• Owner
• Subdivision
• Sales date
• Sales price
• Map number
• Acreage
• GPin
• Deed book/name

Click on the below links to view detailed maps for each county and area:
Bedford County GIS
Franklin County GIS
Pittsylvania County GIS
Google Maps

3. Recognize the Six Key Components that Make for A Fantastic Waterfront Lot
There are a multitude of items that go into making for a fantastic waterfront lot. Be sure to read my helpful blog post The Six Critical Features to Consider in Your Waterfront Property Search before you begin your search.

4. A Professional to Help Guide Your Search (aka A Realtor®)
Not to scare you but there is a little bit more that goes into purchasing a vacant lot versus an existing home already built. Selecting the right Realtor® can make all the difference in the process of a property search. Note that there are some Realtors® that work part-time and do real estate on the side, and there are some Realtors (such as myself) that have made a career for themselves in real estate working full time. I have many accomplishments to show for my hard work and dedication that I put into helping each client I work with acquire or sell real estate.

I make myself easily accessible and provide you with all of the research that you need to make a smart decision about your real estate purchase. The last thing that you want to do is feel like you are alone in the quest for the perfect property and facing a learning curve on knowing what to ask for in terms of documentation. I have access to all things real estate and also have additional resources that can aid in finding specific items. I pride myself in my work ethic and going the extra mile for each and every one of my clients. Let’s face it…you don’t want to take the extra time it requires researching and obtaining plat maps, additional photos, dock permits, septic tests, soil samples and the list goes on and on. I know the ins and outs of vacant land purchasing so allow me to help you with the process.

Purchasing vacant land and building is a birthright that dates back to the time of land rushes. Custom building has many advantages over purchasing an already existing home. Many areas of the United States don’t allow for land development because of the lack of vacant land available. We are fortunate here at Smith Mountain Lake to have a wide variety of waterfront lots available ranging in size, price and location as well as many other attributes. One in every five homes is built today, whereas thirty years ago that number was one out of every three homes. Come and stake your claim at Smith Mountain Lake. Just remember “if you can dream it, it can be built.” Contact me to start your property search today!