Smith Mountain Lake is a popular destination for retirees looking for a great place to enjoy life after work. There are quite a few attractions in this area, such as the scenic surrounding countryside situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains—and of course, the pristine and enchanting lake itself. The moderate climate that still represents all four seasons is also a big draw, since this seasonal cycle still allows for use of the lake nearly year-round. But for many people, the greatest advantage of the Smith Mountain Lake area is the excellent cost of living.

Making your money count

It’s hard to believe that living in such a great area could be so inexpensive. However, it’s a fact that Smith Mountain Lake is one of the most reasonable places to live, in terms of cost. A recent buyer who previously lived in New York pointed out the incredible difference when he remarked that his new mortgage payment for his Smith Mountain Lake home was equal to his tax payments alone on his New York property. Quite a few people who retire to Smith Mountain Lake are originally from the northeast, and they are consistently surprised and impressed at the low cost of living. In addition to decreased real estate taxes, the services here are inexpensive, and the cost of electricity and other utilities is extremely reasonable.

Experience the Smith Mountain Lake difference

If you’re looking for a great place to retire, don’t miss out on Smith Mountain Lake. Along with the high quality of life and the low cost of living, property prices in the area are still low, due to current excess inventory. It’s a true buyer’s market. There are plenty of options available right now, from private homes and building lots to condos, town homes, and development community units.

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