In working in the real estate industry, I find that many buyers (and sellers alike) are not well versed on the topic of a home inspection. While it is my job to educate the buyer about certain things, a home inspection is best left up to a certified professional. For a relatively low cost the homebuyer can pay for a home inspection to be completed on the home they have an offer in to purchase.

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

A home inspector’s job is to provide an objective and comprehensive visual examination of the physical structure of the home as well as performing certain systems checks within the home. This inspection goes through everything from the rooftop down to the foundation. Included in the report is the condition of the homes electrical systems, plumbing, roof, attic, walls, ceilings, flooring, doors, windows, foundation, basement and other structural components.

Providing a Peace of Mind

This type of service typically runs a few hundred dollars all depending on the size of the home and the scope of services provided, such as radon testing. In my opinion the peace of mind that it provides for the buyer is worth it. The purchase of a home is usually the largest single investment one will ever make in their lifetime thus having a home inspection completed allows for any hidden issues to be uncovered and potentially dealt with before you are the owner and responsible for it. If nothing else the inspection can provide a buyer with more knowledge on the property and any specific items to lookout for in the future.

It’s Not Just for Buyers

If you are a seller and getting ready to put your home on the inspection done prior to listing a property for sale it gives you the opportunity to make any necessary repairs to the home to make it in a better selling condition which leaves less room for negotiation should a problem arise when a buyers offer is on the table and issues are found in the home inspection report.

Everything from the construction of the home, to maintenance issues, to home safety concerns are all subjects that are addressed in a home inspection. Contact me, Debbie Shelton to learn more about getting a home inspection on your existing home or to search for a home in the Smith Mountain Lake area. I look forward to helping you with your housing dreams!