The idea of a home inspection seems easy enough to understand. You’ve received a contract on your home and now the buyers want to send someone in to see if there is anything wrong with it. The inspector gives the buyers a list of their findings, which can be used as fuel for a counteroffer or as reasoning to back out from the offer completely.

While you might be put off by the thought of a stranger coming by to your home to critique it, having your home inspected is a part of the home buying and selling process. We’ve put together a few tips so that you know what to expect during an inspection:

Inspectors Look at Everything

If you think that strategically placed wall hanging will keep them from noticing a water stain, think again. Home inspectors have a 1600-point checklist, and they are going to hit every single item. From roofs to basements, interior and exterior, rest assured that your home is going to be searched from top to bottom.

Be Prepared

While inspectors aren’t looking at how clean your home is, having a clear path to basements, attics, and the like will help them do their job properly. If you’ve had work done to your home recently, have your paperwork organized and ready to present.

You Don’t Need to Hang Around

It will be tempting to follow the inspector around like a shadow, but it’s not necessary. Give them your contact information and head out for the day. Why? Your presence could actually impede the process, causing the inspection to take longer. It’s also awkward for the inspector.

Ask your realtor for a more detailed account of what to expect during a home inspection. Their local experience with area home inspection professionals will provide you with an unbiased perspective.

Source:, Selling Your House? Better Prepare for the Home Inspection