Spending summers at Smith Mountain Lake has been a popular pastime for many visitors to our area. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the travel and hospitality industry has seen a sharp decline in activity, and understandably so. The earlier months of the pandemic had many of us glued to our TVs and living rooms in search of information that could help us normalize our new surroundings. Now that restrictions have eased, Smith Mountain Lake residents and visitors are clamoring to get outside and enjoy the season.

This begs the question: is it safe to vacation at Smith Mountain Lake this summer? And while the answer is more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no,” visitors should know that the SML community has taken every precaution to keep our area as safe as possible.

As government restrictions ease, you’ll notice that the maximum capacity for establishments is changing. Social distancing and masks are still strongly encouraged. Many stores are offering online ordering and curbside pickup.

The SML Community has rallied for our restaurants in hopes of easing the burden of lost revenue due to closing. Most of our restaurants offer fast take-out options and outdoor dining areas. As restrictions ease, dining facilities will open for indoor guests while observing guidelines set forth by the CDC and the VA Department of Health.

Outdoor Activities
The area’s biggest draw, the SML landscape, is able to be enjoyed during the pandemic. However, please check with businesses to familiarize yourself with their Covid-19 policies and adjusted workflow. This includes marinas, camping sites, fishing guides, wineries, and more.

The Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce has published an extensive guide for residents and visitors in hopes of answering questions and easing concerns for those traveling to the area. You can view this information here.