Partnering with an experienced real estate agent is the most important move you can make in successfully selling your home, and the advice you receive from your agent is worth noting. Below are three of the biggest mistakes that sellers make according to agents as surveyed by Business Insider.

Overpricing the Home
Almost every agent surveyed cited this as the biggest mistake that sellers make stating that pricing your home at fair market value is the best way to go. Overpricing the home may turn off interested buyers who may forego your home for a lesser priced property that’s comparable to yours.

Not Properly Staging the Home
It’s hard to accept that your taste in home décor isn’t widely acclaimed as the most amazing visual spectacle ever, but potential buyers may not find your love for vintage movie posters as endearing. Ask your real estate agent for pointers on staging your home.

Not Choosing the Right Agent
It may be tempting to use a real estate agent that happens to be a good friend, but they may not be the best fit for selling your home. You should partner with an agent who has experience selling homes similar to yours, and more importantly, a strong professional network.

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Source: The 9 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Try to Sell Their Homes, According to Real-Estate Agents, Business Insider