If your green thumb needs a bit of attention, fear not. Your app store has a library of digital remedies that will have your houseplants reaching for the sky. These apps diagnose ailments, create watering and sunlight schedules, and offer suggestions on how to help your plant reach its full potential. Below is a list of popular apps that will turn you into an amateur botanist in no time.]

For the serious plant lover, check out Reader’s Digest 2023 Editor’s Choice winner Planta. This app’s paid tier includes a light meter to help determine if your plant baby is getting enough sunshine. Users can also access “Dr. Planta” for expert plant care advice.

Bloomscape’s Vera app serves as a “plant planner” by allowing users to create plant profiles and custom schedules for watering and fertilization. Users can easily track progress by adding photos and text to the app’s journal.

Described as “a plant expert at your fingertips,” PlantSnap boasts having the most “high-tech, comprehensive and accurate plant identification app ever created.” And since partnering with Snapchat to identify every plant species on the planet, they’re off to a phenomenal start. The app currently recognizes 90% of known species of plants and trees in every country. Simply snap a photo of the plant and within seconds you’ll have a library of information about your new discovery.