When you and your partner decide to purchase a home together, chances are slim that you’re going to see eye-to-eye on every decision. According to LendingTree.com, 60% of couples claim to disagree with one another during their house search. However, talking issues out before you start the process may help you avoid unwanted stress. Below are three of the most common arguments couples argue about during the home buying process.

How Much Debt to Take On

Before you start house-hunting, have an honest conversation about your finances and future goals with your partner. This includes the amount of debt you have in your name, your plans for paying it down, and the amount of new debt you are willing to take on. If you’re hoping to start a family soon, now’s the time to talk about it. The same goes for planned career and lifestyle changes, such as retirement or going back to school.

Style, Size, and Location

If you’re dreaming of a farmhouse in a remote part of the county while your partner is envisioning a condo in the middle of the city, then you may not see eye-to-eye while house hunting. Your budget will help narrow down your choices, but when it comes to your preferences, it’s best to hash all of that out before you go on walkthroughs.

If you’re hung up on location, ask yourself these questions: How close is the new home to our workplaces and family? Which school district would our children attend? Is there reliable internet access? If the size is of concern, ask one another if you see your family growing, taking on aging parents, or hosting large gatherings for friends and relatives.

Tackling DIY Projects

HGTV has you convinced that you can restore those tired wood floors with an open weekend and a trip to Lowe’s, but when you find yourself surrounded by sawdust and Minwax, you realize that you may have made a huge mistake.

If your partner is wary or opposed to the idea of taking on DIY projects, then arguments will certainly arise when you ask for help. Ask one another if the house is worth the time, effort, and expense of a renovation. You could also hire a contractor to give you an estimate on what it would cost to finish in the event that the projects are out of your expertise.

Source: Forbes.com, The 4 Common Arguments Couples Have During the Homebuying Process