They’re a part of your family, so naturally your pets are going to tag along on your summer vacation, right? Whether you’re headed some place tropical or to cottage by the lake, below are some tips on how to expertly travel with your furry friend this season.

Schedule a Trip to the Vet: Most airlines require proof that your pet is up to date on vaccinations, as well as a vet health certificate stating that your pet is okay to fly. It’s also a good idea to be proactive on your pet’s health since your traveling far from home. If your pet is on medication, then make sure that you have plenty to last throughout the trip. And keep up to date on flea and tick prevention medication.

Keep Your Pet Identified:
Make sure your pet would be easily identified in case they runaway. ID tags should be updated and securely attached to their collar. Collars should be snug: not too tight, but also not so loose that their heads could slip through. Consider a microchip, which will allow a vet to scan your pet for information and contact you should they be brought by their office.

Plan and Prepare: You take careful consideration when packing your belongings for a trip, and your pet needs the same level of attention. Don’t forget their bedding, favorite blanket and toys, food, water dish (for the vehicle as well), medication, and a first aid kit.

Keep Your Schedule:
It’s tempting to throw out your calendar, but your pet is used to a routine. Sticking to that routine will help them remain calm and keep them exercised. Take them out for walks so they can explore their new surroundings, or play catch with them on the beach. Remember, not all dogs are innate champion swimmers, so keep an eye on them around water.

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